The term "high speed" is the definition of the word "Broadband." These terms mean the same thing. Whether you go with our Wireless or DSL connection, you will get a fast, reliable Internet connection.
DSL stands for Digital Subsriber Line. It is a broadband technology that enables high-speed Internet access to a home or business over a standard telephone line without occupying your existing telephone line.
Wireless Internet access is high speed Internet and is a local area network (LAN) run by radio waves rather than wires. We have 18 Wireless Access Points and in order for you to be able to get Wireless, you have to have a clear line of sight (LOS) from your house to the Access Point. Wireless Internet access is broadcast from the central hub which is a hard-wired device that actually brings in the Internet connection. The hub, located at the main computer system or server, broadcasts Internet connectivity to clients, which is basically anyone within “hearing” range.
No. Wireless is free of any lines to the home and DSL uses frequencies that are not used by a voice telephone call. You can talk on the phone and be online at the same time.
Yes, you need us to install an antenna. Wireless cards in laptops are generally low-powered and short range. They are too weak and do not deliver the reliability a properly installed external wireless radio(antenna) provide. A physical Ethernet line is run from that antenna to your computer.
Yes, you can. You will have to create a wireless network in your home. To do this, you will need to pick up a wireless router (not provided). Most come with install disks and easy instructions. We do not charge extra on your monthly bill for this and we do not carry routers. You can get one of those at just about any store that sells electronics. While we do not endorse any specific brand, most of our employees and customers have had luck with Linksys brand routers.
You do NOT need a land line phone for Wireless or DSL.
You can pay your bill through the mail, in person at our office, online, or over the phone using a Credit Card.
No! Tech support is provided locally for free, 24/7.